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Paddy Power Bingo: Tips and Tricks for a wannabee bingo caller

If you’ve ever visited a bingo hall then you’ll know just how important bingo callers can be. They’re not there to just call out the numbers from a machine, they’re responsible for keeping players happy and entertained, and to make sure that the fame runs as smoothly as possible.

We’ll set the scene for you, you’re a young, fresh faced employee wanting to make it big in the bingo industry, but there’s a problem, you haven’t got a clue on where to start. The bingo experts at Paddy Power have got everything you need to be the next big bingo caller, either at the halls or if you’re hosting your own bingo party.

It’s important no matter where you are, you wouldn’t show up to an interview looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed, why should being a bingo caller be any different. Take the time to put a bit of effort into your appearance, try and aim for a smart-casual look to make a good impression to your guests.

Familiarise Yourself
Once you’ve arrived at the halls and your about to start your game, you need to check that the equipment you’ll being using. Whether it’s a machine or the old fashioned roll cage, you need to know the ins and outs of all of the equipment that you’ll be using. You don’t want to accidentally cancel a game because you pushed the wrong button. If you’re using a microphone you should give that a quick “Test, Test, 1-2-1-2, Test!”

It would also be a good idea to get to grips with the bingo variant you’ll be playing. If you’re in the UK you’ll normally being playing the 90-ball variants, however, there might be the odd occasion where you could be playing a different type of bingo.

Introduce yourself
One of the final preparatory steps before starting a game is to introduce yourself to your bingo audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s just your first name, full name or nickname, the important thing is that you’re making a good impression to your audience.

Remember: if they like you, they’re more likely to request that you come back.

Be Authoritative
If there’s one quality that every bingo caller needs, it’s to have an authoritative presence. Bingo is a fun and exciting game, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its problems. On some occasions, there can be some forms of conflict during a game, whether it’s a friendly charity game, a small game at home, or a game in a commercial bingo hall. Sometimes two or more players will get a full house at the same time, or even announce full house too early or late.

In these types of situations, you’re the one who will have to take charge and deflate the situation. You can’t have being players run wild – you have to sort things out quickly and efficiently.

Your Calling Style
So you’ve got the introductions out of the way, your next port of call is your calling style, after all, your calling style is your trader made, so you need to put a lot of effort into perfecting it. Here a few simple tips:

  • Don’t rush yourself – Take your time, breathe and read the numbers carefully. No-one will blame you if you need to pause a few times
  • Speak clearly –When you call out a number, make sure your voice is loud and clear. Repeat the number several times, with around 30 seconds between each call. This is to make sure that all the players in the room hear you properly. The last thing you want is someone complaining because you moved onto a different number too quickly.
  • Find your own rhythm – Get yourself into a rhythm when you call out the numbers, it will help you set the pace for the entire game
  • Make it fun –Whether it’s throwing a few jokes at the audience or using cheesing bingo calls, there of plenty of ways to make it fun for your audience
  • Read your audience– Some bingo players might want a loud and energetic caller, other might want someone who is calm and relaxed, it’s your responsibility to pick the right style that your audience will like.
  • Be confident – There’s nothing worse than a fidgeting and mumbling bingo caller, be confident in your work and know that you’re there to entertain people.

It’s also important on what approach you want to use when calling out the numbers.

Bingo has become synonymous with the traditional ‘old fashioned’ bingo calls – Cup of Tea for number 3. Some commercial establishments got rid of these call because it could make a game last twice as long, plus some of the calls became far too cheesy and outdated.

It’s your choice if you decided to use the bingo calls or not. No calls might speed up the process, but at the same time, some people are fond of the traditional calls. Of course you could also give the calls a modern twist – 29 for Selfie Time anyone?

Stay Focused
While you’re calling out numbers, don’t forget to keep an eye and ear out for the all-important “BINGO!”Players take this game very seriously and you’re sure to annoy your guests if you don’t pay attention. Many bingo related arguments have stemmed from which player shouted bingo first.

Hopefully we’ve covered everything you need to know to become the best bingo caller.

Good luck!